Signature home lift

Why be restricted to the ground floor of your home? 

You don’t need to move to a bungalow or ground floor flat! 

Whether you find stair increasingly difficult or you want to future proof your home 

The unique Signature range of domestic lifts, manufactured by Stiltz and offered by Staircare are the first and only home lifts of their kind to be available in the UK. Thanks to their small footprint, drive mechanism and dual rail technology, the Signature Home Lift has an unrivalled ability to fit into spaces other domestic lifts cannot, meaning they can be fitted almost anywhere in the home.


Unlike conventional lifts, our home lifts do not use hydraulics and are powered by an intelligent electric motor that plugs straight into a normal 13-amp power socket like any other household appliance. The domestic lift is self-supporting thanks to innovative Signature dual rail system which carries the weight of the lift so no major structural alterations are required.

The Signature Home Lift is an ideal and affordable alternative to a stairlift and allow you to keep your stairs the way they have always been in your house. It is also more cost-effective compared to moving house or making changes to your existing property and can add value to your home. Signature domestic lifts are designed and engineered to the highest standard by our experienced team and are fully compliant with all European safety standards. Assembled in the UK, the Signature Lift range offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of placement in the home. It can be installed in just one day after minimal building work and little disruption. From lounge to bedroom or hallway to study, the wheelchair lift requires a remarkably small space so the choice can be yours.

Staircare Signature Home Lift, Stilz
Staircare Signature Home Lift, Stilz

Signature Home Lift by Staircare, built by stiltz

Staircare Signature Home Lift, Stilz
Staircare Signature Home Lift, Stilz

Signature Home Lift by Staircare, built by stiltz

Signature Duo Home Lift, Stilz
Signature Duo Home Lift, Stilz

Signature Duo Home Lift can carry 3 people between levels

Staircare Signature Home Lift, Stilz
Staircare Signature Home Lift, Stilz

Signature Home Lift by Staircare, built by stiltz

Standard Features 
  • Standard Finishes A neutral cream exterior with a matching interior lining and door colour.

  • Hold-To-Run Controls Operating a Signature Lift requires constant pressure to the controls. This allows the user to 'drive' the lift and feel in total control.

  • Half Height Door The door is interlocked and is made to match the finish of the lift.

  • 2 X Remote Controls Call and send the lift remotely and also use it to move heavy or awkward items between floors.

  • Top & Bottom Safety Pans Using our obstruction sensing covers, a Signature Lift can detect an object above or below, and stop the lift.

  • Internal LED Downlights These are programmed to turn on once the user has entered the lift and remain on for the entire journey.

  • Battery Back Up System If there is a power cut while using the lift it will descend to the lower level of the home and wait until the power comes back on.

  • Two Year Warranty All Signature Lifts carry standard two year parts and one year labour warranty.

Optional Extras 
  • Fold Down Seat This is a popular option selected by customers for the short trip between floors.

  • Interior Grab Rail Offers increased security for the occupants

  • Full Height Door An interlocked door that replaces the half-height door and light curtain.

  • Interior Telephone In the very unlikely event that the lift stops while you are travelling in it, help is just a phone call away.

  • Bespoke Colours & Finishes Customise your Signature lift by choosing different steel colour lift car, rails and interior lining.

  • Thru-Car / Double Entry Thanks to the unique dual rail technology, we offer a model that allows you to enter and exit the lift from both sides.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply This system will allow for numerous trips both up and down whilst the main power to the lift is out.