Simplicity incline platform lift

The Simplicity Incline Platform lift is available in straight or curved variants. Both lifts are suited to either outdoor or indoor applications. The straight Simplicity lift uses a rectangular aluminium rail, where as the curved lift runs on a simple but elegantly designed twin rail system which mimics a round handrail and therefore fits easily into the existing surroundings. The straight lift can be fitted to either side of the staircase; the curved lift drives the stair inner curve and can thus turn 90 and 180 degrees as well as drive along landings. Both incline lifts are equipped with safety arms and flaps on the front and rear of the platform which raise and lower at the touch of a button. The platforms safety flaps and bearing plate have sensitive edges to eliminate any trapping danger. The Simplicity curved lift is battery operated as standard so the risk from power cuts is removed and there are no moving cables. Delivered as a fully automatic lift where the platform and arms are operated automatically. 

Individual adjustments and great flexibility at sensitive surrounds make the Simplicity incline platform lift the obvious choice. 

The platform can be adjusted to the individual staircase or wheelchair, as well as being built and installed in accordance with the latest European standards. 

CE compliant.

Standard Features 
  • Load: 225kg

  • Driving mechanism: Rack with overspeed governor

  • Load carrying construction: Aluminium rails fixed to wall or steel columns

  • Speed: 0.1m/sec

  • Drive motor: Straight lift – 220vac 550w 3hp with soft start / Curved lift – 24vdc

  • Platform motor: 24vdc

  • Barrier-arm Motor: 24vdc

  • Platform size: 800mm x 1000mm

Optional Features 
  • Wireless Landing controls

  • Full handheld remote

  • Lift body Colour within the RAL scale

  • Rail Colour within the RAL scale

  • Handwinding system for the Straight Model

  • Stanchion Mounted – where wall mounting is not suitable

  • Increased platform size – 800mm x 1250mm which complies with Part M of the building regulations

  • Reduced platform size – 700mm x 1000mm to suit narrow staircases

Safety Features

  • Pressure sensitive surfaces which stop the lift if it runs into an obstacle.

  • Overspeed Governor which will stop the lift if the lift exceeds it's normal running speed

  • Thermal overload

  • Manual release mechanism

  • Manual winding on curved lift


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